Students seeking admission

  • Set up an Admission Appointment with Hillary Trischitta. Click here to schedule your appointment.
  • Must have completed NU 102.
  • GPA of 3.0 or better. Students with a 2.7 GPA may be accepted, provisionally.
    • A student with a GPA less than 3.0 must achieve a grade of B or better in the first two nursing courses. Students with a 2.7 GPA may be accepted, provisionally.
  • Acceptance allows you to take bachelors degree courses including both nursing and non-nursing courses.
  • 2 pathways into the BS Completion Program:
    • Pathway I: Students with a previous bachelor's degree
    • Pathway II: Students without a previous bachelor's degree


  • Can I receive financial aid?
    Any student still completing their associates degree will be granted financial aid through LMH. Students are not eligible to receive financial aid from Regis while still enrolled at LMH.
  • Can I take courses right away once accepted?
    Depending on the term of acceptance, students may be able to begin to enroll in courses towards their bachelor's degree. However, students' first priority should be their success in their associate's nursing courses. Students should work with their advisor to determine the best path forward.
  • How long will the program take?
    The timeline for each student is unique based on their status in the ASN program, previous education, and number of transfer credits.
  • Who should I go to for Academic Support?
    ASN Students: Registration for AS courses Katie Klucevsek
    BSN Admission Info, BSN Academic Advising Hillary Trischitta

More Information

Students may schedule a meeting with Hillary Trischitta to have their transcripts reviewed and to discuss classes needed for the bachelor's degree. Click here to schedule your appointment. Additional elective and core courses are required for those without a previous bachelor's degree.

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Hillary Trischitta, MEd

Assistant Director, Admissions and Advising, Professional Studies

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